It’s Surprise Gift Day!

Haighs Chocolate FrogI love surprises and today was apparently the day for them. I received in the mail a Haigh’s Giant Chocolate Frog and a gorgeous card from a lovely new academic friend in Adelaide by way of thanks for what I consider to be a very minor favour indeed. Certainly not worthy of Haigh’s Giant Chocolate Frog! But I will devour it anyway. Just not in one sitting … you don’t make that mistake twice, let me tell you! Although I’m assured that it is the exact same chocolate, I swear that the frogs you buy at the Melbourne Haigh’s store are just not quite a good as their brethren from Adelaide. And, of course, a chocolate frog that someone gives you is even tastier still. 🙂

Original Bavarian FolktalesI also received a brand spanking new copy of Original Bavarian Folktales: A Schönwerth Selection that Past Kirstyn pre-ordered a while ago and I’d completely forgotten was due around now. Thank you, Past Kirstyn! Franz Xaver von Schönwerth collected folklore, legends and fairytales from his native Bavaria and published them in the 1850’s but they fell into obscurity until recently, eclipsed by the ongoing success of the Brothers Grimm. I’ve been dying for an English translation since I first heard about them a few years ago and this book, containing 150 fables, will finally see that wish at least partially fulfilled. I am salivating.

dead blackbirdAnd to top off this Day of Plenty, what do you think my wonderful husband decided to bring me back from his stroll to the post office? Only a ratty dead blackbird that he picked up from the side of the road with his own two hands! Or, more likely, pinched gingerly between index finger and thumb. (Don’t click on the photo if you don’t want to see a close-up of our dearly departed Senor Blackbird.)

Now, can you guess which surprise gift is my favourite?

Ha ha, trick question: I LOVE ALL OF THEM EQUALLY.

(I should probably note at this point, before someone sends the men in white coats, that I have a modest skull and skeleton collection and am hoping to salvage the skull from the blackbird. I’m not so weird that I keep random dead animals around the place for decoration. Well, not ones with the flesh still on, anyway.)