Madigan Mine goes Deutsche!

I’ve just seen the cover that will grace the German edition of Madigan Mine and I’m very, very pleased with it indeed. I love the look on the woman’s face . . . she definitely says Madigan Sargood to me.  🙂

Interestingly, Piper, my German publisher, has changed the title to You Are Mine, but decided to leave it in English as shown. The interior text will, of course, be fully translated into German. The book will hit the shelves over there later this year in March 2012.  But enough from me.

Here, look at the pretty pretty:

You Are Mine by Kirstyn McDermott



Madigan Mine Cover!

I’ve spent the last week proofing the final pages of Madigan Mine, with help from my wonderful Jason who picked up a couple significant errors as well as a handful of minor typos.  The corrected copy has been sent to my editor this morning, which means that my work here is pretty much done. Until publication, at least.

So I thought I’d celebrate by posting this beautiful cover that the wonderful people at PanMacmillan came up with. Hmm. Typeset pages. Pretty cover art. Looks like I’m actually going to have a book published in August!

Madigan Mine Cover

Cover for Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott