My ‘Meet the Writer’ Interview at Read Horror

It's been quiet around here lately, mainly because I've been a) wrestling with a new computer, and b) wrestling with my novel. More of the former this past week, unfortunately! But I am getting the words down and I expect a massive boost from Rabbit Hole this weekend. I'm not insane enough to set myself … Continue reading My ‘Meet the Writer’ Interview at Read Horror


More Questions . . .

Life caught up with me in the past week, as it so often does, and this is the first chance I've had to sit back down with this little blog of mine. Anyway, here are a few more questions from the Book Lover's Club competition, along with my answers. I'll try to post the rest … Continue reading More Questions . . .

How not to query a literary agent

Slushpile Hell is a very cool new blog which has just been brought to my attention (thanks, Foz!). Written by a "grumpy literary agent" it offers up some hilarious excepts from actual query letters along with the agent's not-so-tongue-in-cheek response, as well humourous pieces of publishing advice. If you're an aspiring writer seeking an agent, … Continue reading How not to query a literary agent


The Problematic First Person

I'm off to Phillip Island for an impromptu writing retreat this weekend, hoping to kick some serious Novel the Second butt. Things are stagnating a little right now (mainly because I've been insanely busy with non-writing life stuff) and it will be wonderful to have an entire, internet-free, intensive weekend away to focus on nothing … Continue reading The Problematic First┬áPerson


Writerly Links

Kate Forsyth has written a beautiful account of her great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Charlotte Waring, who migrated from England to the Australian colonies as a young woman and who would later go on to write the first children's book to be published in Australia. Kate talks about the mysteries of creativity and how a small, brown pebble plucked … Continue reading Writerly Links