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I was born in Newcastle on Halloween, an auspicious date which may go some way towards explaining my lifelong attraction to all things dark, mysterious, and bumpy-in-the-night. After completing a Bachelor of Arts at Newcastle University, I moved to Melbourne where I lived for almost two decades before making the Victorian town of Ballarat my home in early 2013.

I’ve made up stories my whole life, and have been writing them down in some form or another since my early teens. My short fiction has been published in various magazines, journals and anthologies, collecting all sorts of lovely and encouraging accolades along the way. I’ve also published two novels, Madigan Mine and Perfections, along with a collection of short fiction, Caution: Contains Small Parts, and hold a PhD in creative writing with a focus on female friendship and re-visioned fairy tales.

Although I read widely and voraciously, I have particular passion for speculative fiction, especially that strange beast which has been variously labeled as gothic, horror, dark fantasy, or weird fiction. Not surprisingly, it’s also the sort of stuff I like to write. My long involvement with the Australian spec fic community has led to friendships with some of the most brilliant, passionate and talented people I know, for which I’m profoundly grateful. It’s seen me run conventions, wax not-so-lyrical on discussion panels, edit magazines, write pseudonymous columns, and serve on enough committees to last a lifetime. I also produce and co-host a literary discussion podcast, The Writer and the Critic, with my dear friend Ian Mond.

I am married to a fellow scribbler, Jason Nahrung. And yes, we share our home with two obligatory authorial cats. Apart from writing and reading and other book-related-things, my near-obsessions include photography and travel, cemeteries and abandoned places, eavesdropping and people-watching. Plus chocolate and wine and cheese – dark and red and blue for preference – all of which make very nice gifts.

I’m just saying.


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