Reviews, Reprints and Recommendations

Brave New Weird
As mentioned last year, my story “Lemmings” received an inaugural Brave New Weird Award and has been reprinted in Brave New Weird: the best new weird horror published by Tenebrous Press. The anthology is out now and it’s a gorgeous book with a kick-arse table of contents.

Aurealis reviews Hard Places
Joseph Sullivan reviewed Hard Places for the February issue of Aurealis (#157) and says some lovely things about the collection. You can read extracts from the magazine, purchase issues or take out a subscription at their website.

McDermott’s writing style accompanies the unsettling nature of the stories. She is
not necessarily explicit in what she tells the reader, rather, she builds to the truth of
the matter, suggesting it subtly, then letting the reader piece together its horrors,
which lends the compilation a deeply unnerving feel.

Joseph Sullivan, Aurealis #157

Locus Recommended Reading List
I am also delighted to see that Hard Places earned a spot on the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2022. The list presents such a daunting compilation of excellence in the field each year, and it’s a genuine honour to be included. I’m not even going to pretend I have time to work my way through the entire list, but I am going to pick the eyes out of it as much as I can. It’s wonderful to see mention made of a host of fellow Australian writers, including Angela Slatter, Eugen Bacon, Gillian Polack, Shaun Tan, James Bradley, Kathleen Jennings and Margo Lanagan.