Podcasts and other internet miscellania

Let the Cat in podcast
Let The Cat In is a podcast in which three horror writers – Kaaron Warren, Aaron Dries and J. Ashley-Smith – and their guests riff on objects, inspiration, and those ideas that scratch at the door, miaowing to be let in. I joined them last month to talk about all manner of weird and wild things, and brought along my beloved Veiled Bride statue for show and tell. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time, and it wasn’t just because of the gin and tonics!

Bohemiana podcast
I had a wonderful chat with the delightful George Penney on her Bohemiana podcast a short while ago, and now the episode is live. We talked about all sorts of things, from the joys and limitations of being a contrarian, to writing a book to procrastinate on a PhD (and vice versa), to why and how a lot of Aussie authors end up doing post grad degrees, plus many, many literary tangents. I thoroughly enjoyed recording this! If you haven’t come across Bohemiana before, it’s a podcast well worth your time. George interviews creatives of all stripes and allows us ramble on about our passions, interests and infuriations. I’m still working my way through the back catalogue and each episode is such a joy to listen to. I hope you like mine.

“Lemmings”: Brave New Weird and Locus Recommended
My short story “Lemmings”, originally published in Weird Horror, has been selected for inclusion in the inaugural anthology Brave New Weird: the best new weird horror to be published by Tenebrous Press in February 2022. You can see the full Table of Contents here. Looks to be a fabulous volume! “Lemmings” has also been recommended by Paula Guaran for the December issue of Locus magazine. It’s great to see this weird, creepy little story getting some love!

Shepherd, a new book discovery website, asked me to write shortlist of my favourite literary horror novels. It was tough to whittle it down to just five, but I managed it. These are all such amazing novels, the kind of book that changed me as a reader and challenged me to be a better writer. If beautifully disturbing dark fiction is your jam, you should definitely check them out.