Caution: Contains Small Parts

Caution Contains Small Parts by Kirstyn McDermottCaution: Contains Small Parts is an intimate, unsettling collection from award-winning author Kirstyn McDermott.

A creepy wooden dog that refuses to play dead.

A gifted crisis counsellor and the mysterious, melancholy girl she cannot seem to reach.

A once-successful fantasy author whose life has become a horror story – now with added unicorns.

An isolated woman whose obsession with sex dolls takes a harrowing, unexpected turn.

Four stories that will haunt you long after their final pages are turned.

“Kirstyn McDermott doesn’t mess around. Her topics are not easy ones, and she doesn’t back away from the implications. She combines classic storytelling skills with difficult themes to create fiction that is strong, smart, and aware.”

~ Kij Johnson, Introduction to Caution: Contains Small Parts

Available to purchase from Twelfth Planet Press either as an individual volume or as part of the Twelve Planets subscription.

Twelfth Planet Press



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