Perfections and Madigan Mine go digital (redux)

It's been a little while since ebooks of my novels Madigan Mine and Perfections have been available but the good folks at Twelfth Planet Press have now released them back into the wild. So if you haven't yet snagged yourself a copy or if postage costs were putting you off the print book (I know, … Continue reading Perfections and Madigan Mine go digital (redux)


PERFECTIONS GoodReads Giveaway for Australian Readers

The lovely folks at Twelfth Planet Press have announced a Book Giveaway over at GoodReads. Two lucky Australians will each receive a copy of my latest novel, Perfections, in its glorious paperback edition. The giveaway closes on 17 January 2015, so be quick and get your entry in! ∞ Two sisters. One wish. Unimaginable consequences. … Continue reading PERFECTIONS GoodReads Giveaway for Australian Readers

Fabulous New Review of Perfections

Kyla Ward has reviewed the paperback edition of Perfections over at Tabula Rasa. I guess she kinda liked it: With only a slight shift of perspective, this could be a razor-edged depiction of the worst month in the lives of two sisters. The month one ends a four-year relationship. The month their mother dies. It … Continue reading Fabulous New Review of Perfections


(im)Perfections Launch and a Ditmar!

Well, if it was going to happen, it was going to happen with this book. We picked up the copies of Perfections for the launch late on the Friday afternoon before Continuum -- the nick of time, thinks we -- only to find that the second-to-last page was blank. BLANK. That's right, my novel literally … Continue reading (im)Perfections Launch and a Ditmar!


A New Interview Concerning Perfections

One of the lovely things about having wonderful supportive writerly friends is that you can inflict your manuscripts upon them for beta reading and then, not only are they still your friend, but they are happy to interview you for their blog when said manuscript becomes an actual book. So here is my dear friend … Continue reading A New Interview Concerning Perfections