Interim: Twelve Planets Podcast at Embiggen Books

I’ve been very remiss in reporting back about the fabulous Continuum 8 last weekend, and I hope to rectify that very soon, but here’s a little podcast I wanted to get up ASAP. Because of the convention, a whole bunch of normally interstate folks were in Melbourne and so it was deemed an appropriate opportunity for most of the Twelve Planet authors to get together and record an interview. There were nine of us altogether, as well as our indomitable publisher, Alisa Krasnostein, and Ian Mond very kindly volunteered to host and ask questions. The podcast was recorded at Embiggen Books, which I am ashamed to say I had not previously visited, and which I am somewhat fearful to say I will now visit a little too often … It was great fun to catch up with everyone, if somewhat daunting to be in the same room as all these tremendously talented women!

Anyway, the podcast is now available for direct download and streaming from the website or via subscription from iTunes. Hope you enjoy it!

Here are the show notes:

In collaboration with Twelfth Planet Press and recorded live at the beautiful Embiggen Books in Melbourne, The Writer and the Critic is delighted to present a special podcast dedicated to the critically acclaimed Twelve Planets series of short story collections.

Twelfth Planet Press

Join host Ian Mond as he interviews Twelve Planet authors Deborah Biancotti, Narrelle M. Harris, Deborah Kalin, Margo Lanagan, Rosaleen Love, Kirstyn McDermott, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Lucy Sussex and Kaaron Warren, along with publisher Alisa Krasnostein. It’s a fun, informal conversation which — and this is how you know it’s not an official Writer and Critic episode — goes for less than 50 minutes! You’re welcome.

Twelve Planets at Embiggen Books

Photographs by Jason Nahrung

The Twelve Planets are twelve boutique collections by some of Australia’s finest short story writers. Varied across genre and style, each collection will offer four short stories and a unique glimpse into worlds fashioned by some of our favourite storytellers. Each author has taken the brief of 4 stories and up to 40 000 words in their own direction. Some are quartet suites of linked stories. Others are tasters of the range and style of the writer. Each release will bring something unexpected to our subscriber’s mailboxes.



Books, book launches and zombie goodness

Some exciting bits of news have come across my virtual desk this week and it’s only Tuesday evening!

Firstly, Ticonderoga Publications has announced a forthcoming collection of stories by A Bertram Chandler Award-winning, internationally respected writer and researcher Lucy Sussex. The collection has a working title of Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies and is scheduled for publication in mid-2011. Read more.

Saltwater in the Ink

click to enlarge

For those in Melbourne who can’t wait that long, Lucy Sussex will be launching her non-fiction book, Saltwater in the Ink, a collection of 19th century diaries as a free event at the Melbourne Writers’ festival. There’ll be performances from the Rogues Choir as well as dramatised readings, and I have it on good authority that those coming along in Victorian garb will be made more than welcome!

When:  11.30am, 29 August 2010

Where: Feddish, Federation Square, Melbourne.

In other news from Ticonderoga Publication, there is also a collection of stories by Ditmar and Chronos Award-winner and new sensation Felicity Dowker to which we can look forward to reading . . . albeit a long way forward. The collection is tentatively titled Bread and Circuses and scheduled for publication in 2012. It’s certainly a book I’m keen to have on my shelf! Read more.

And finally, Necroscope,  the official zombie fiction review blog, is having a subscription drive. For the chance to win a whole swag of tasty undead goodness, simply visit the site and become a “Shambler” (click on the follow button). A winner will be drawn at random on 16 September 2010, so get clicking!

Madigan Mine: the book launch that was

The book launch for Madigan Mine on Monday night when exceedingly well. Lots of lovely people came along to the Carlton library and ate yummy food and drank yummy wine (or orange juice) and had a wonderful time. The brilliant and erudite Lucy Sussex gave a introduction which included a neat timeline of the Gothic in Australian literature, as well as some very nice things about yours truly:

Kirstyn has easily and gracefully moved from short story to novel form with Madigan Mine. It’s a very Melbourne story, and also a very Gothic story — being about Goths, but also about a truism of human nature, that being drawn to the dark side can lead us to some very banal evils. A love story, which turns into a hate story. Strongly characterised, intensely and skillfully narrated, and lastly beautifully written. Here’s my favourite line from the novel: “The past is a poisonous place and I’m not going to live in it any longer.”

Thanks so much, Lucy. Thanks also go to Theary and the staff at Carlton Library for having us, as well as the delightful crew from PanMacmillan (Debra, Meagan, Corey and Kate) who came to fly the flag on the night, Justin Ackroyd of Slow Glass Books for purveying of books, Tiger Lily cafe for catering, and of course, to everyone who came along to help me celebrate, as well as those who sent their regrets but very best wishes.

I talked to a lot of people, but didn’t get to meet everyone who came, for which I do apologise. Thank you, thank you all for coming. I also signed a lot of books . . . and for my appalling handwriting and wildly differing signatures, I also must apologise. 🙂 My beloved, Jason Nahrung, wandered around with a camera:

Lucy Sussex

Lucy Sussex waxing lyrical

Justin Ackroyd

Justin Ackroyd ... bookseller extraordinaire


The lovely people from PanMacmillan ... Debra, Meagan, Corey (who designed Madigan Mine's amazing cover) and Kate.

Kirstyn McDermott


Kirstyn McDermott

My favourite purple pen!

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Rowena ... all the way from Brisbane!

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Ori and Ian, two of my oldest friends

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Ian, Ori and . . . iPad!!

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Myself and Julia

Madigan Mine Book Launch

An ebullient Rachel

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Blurry Elizabeth, sharper Steve 🙂

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Sarah and Talie

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Paul Collins and Jane Routley

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Ellen and Tracie

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Tracie, Paul and Miranda

Madigan Mine Book Launch

Listening attentively ...

Madigan Mine Book Launch

... and general milling about

Kirstyn McDermott

Tired but exceedingly happy!