Valé Smudge

She was my first cat. There had been several family cats growing up (one of them more "mine" than the others), but she was the first I'd adopted as an adult. The first for whom I had full responsibility. My First Cat. She was almost twenty years old and I'd said that when she got … Continue reading Valé Smudge


A Poem for Ben on Day 23

The tyranny of the blank page is a farce is a myth is a lie is what we talk about when we talk about doubt about dismay about the ever diminishing returns It is not about the page It is about us forever balancing desire with dread: the jubilant (desperate) need to create to send … Continue reading A Poem for Ben on Day 23

It’s Surprise Gift Day!

I love surprises and today was apparently the day for them. I received in the mail a Haigh's Giant Chocolate Frog and a gorgeous card from a lovely new academic friend in Adelaide by way of thanks for what I consider to be a very minor favour indeed. Certainly not worthy of Haigh's Giant Chocolate … Continue reading It’s Surprise Gift Day!


What Makes Kirstyn Happy

Overall, I've been a tad grumpy these past few weeks. Too much stuff on the boil, too many New Shiny Things I'd rather be doing, not enough time in the world to execute even half of my Cunning Plans. General online explosions, general offline crappola. Plus, somewhere in there, I saw The Dark Knight Rises. … Continue reading What Makes Kirstyn Happy


How busy are you?

Because I am only busy and not crazy-busy right now, I actually had time to read and digest an excellent article about self-imposed busy-ness by Tim Krieder. It's nothing I didn't already know, but a lot of things I tend to forget. Maybe I should stick some choice excerpts up on my wall to help me … Continue reading How busy are you?