The Writer and the Critic: Episode 68

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On this very last episode* of The Writer and the Critic your hosts, Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond waste no time with maudlin sentiment! The books up for discussion this month are two debut novels by the same author: How to Bee by Bren MacDibble [9:00] and In the Dark Spaces by Cally Black [40:30]. How is this possible? Listen and find out!


Listeners might also like to check out this interview with Cally Black on ABC Radio for more insights. If you’ve skipped ahead to avoid spoilers, please come back at 1:09:40 for brief final remarks, including the following recommendations to get your ongoing literary fix:

Kirstyn and Ian would like to thank all of their listeners over the past seven years, as well as the guests who have given generously of their time to appear on various episodes. And a special thank you to those who have been able to support The Writer and the Critic on Patreon – you have helped make poscasting life a little easier!



* maybe not the very last.