(im)Perfections Launch and a Ditmar!

Well, if it was going to happen, it was going to happen with this book. We picked up the copies of Perfections for the launch late on the Friday afternoon before Continuum -- the nick of time, thinks we -- only to find that the second-to-last page was blank. BLANK. That's right, my novel literally … Continue reading (im)Perfections Launch and a Ditmar!

And Ditmar Makes Three!

Late last night the 2013 Ditmar ballot was announced and, considering that Perfections was unexpectedly rushed into a pre-Christmas publishing date late year, I'm honestly quite surprised to see it in the Best Novel category. I wasn't sure enough people would have had time to read, let alone nominate, it but I'm delighted that they … Continue reading And Ditmar Makes Three!

Ditmar Awards: random notes and musings

The prevailing theme of the discussions/debates/flamewars surrounding the 2011 Ditmars this past week has been that the awards process is broken and needs to be fixed. As I talked about yesterday, the productions and publications of one small press publisher (Twelfth Planet Press) accounted for 50% of the combined 2011 Ditmar/Tin Duck awards.  For the … Continue reading Ditmar Awards: random notes and musings