A Study in Blue: Salvage by Jason Nahrung

Because if you can’t plug the soon-to-be-published books of your beloved, what on earth can you plug?

Salvage by Jason Nahrung

I love this cover for Salvage so very much. It captures the feel and mood of the novella perfectly — the team over at Twelfth Planet Press have done a splendid job as usual, and I’m looking forward to seeing this little book in the flesh at last. It’s a beautiful, creepy, melancholy story … somewhat different from the kind of fiction Jason usually writes; more restrained, but no less emotionally heightened for all that. It might be my favourite piece of his. For now anyway.

Salvage is being launched at Continuum 8 in June but if you won’t be there, it’s also available for pre-order from Twelfth Planet Press for $15.00 (plus shipping).

Seeking to salvage their foundering marriage, Melanie and Richard retreat to an isolated beach house on a remote Queensland island.

Intrigued by a chance encounter with a stranger, Melanie begins to drift away from her husband and towards Helena, only to discover that Helena has her own demons, ageless and steeped in blood.

As Richard’s world and Helena’s collide, Melanie must choose which future she wants, before the dark tide pulls her under … forever.

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