What Makes Kirstyn Happy

Overall, I've been a tad grumpy these past few weeks. Too much stuff on the boil, too many New Shiny Things I'd rather be doing, not enough time in the world to execute even half of my Cunning Plans. General online explosions, general offline crappola. Plus, somewhere in there, I saw The Dark Knight Rises. … Continue reading What Makes Kirstyn Happy

A Study in Blue: Salvage by Jason Nahrung

Because if you can't plug the soon-to-be-published books of your beloved, what on earth can you plug? I love this cover for Salvage so very much. It captures the feel and mood of the novella perfectly -- the team over at Twelfth Planet Press have done a splendid job as usual, and I'm looking forward … Continue reading A Study in Blue: Salvage by Jason Nahrung