Photobombs . . . 1915 Style!

My husband is currently compiling a book about his great-great-grandfather, Konrad Nahrung, who emigrated to Australia from Germany back in the 19th Century. Most of the book consists of an annotated transcription of Konrad’s memoirs, along with whatever supporting documents my husband has been able to dredge up from various people and places. One of these documents is a 50th Wedding Anniversary portrait of Konrad and his wife, Wilhemina, photographed with the extended Nahrung clan on 9th July, 1915:

Nahrung 50th Wedding Anniversary

I love this photo for many reasons. It is old — the actual card-mounted print we have is faded and chipped, with the surface flaking off here and there — and seeing all those grim, unsmiling faces reminds me of just what a serious business photography once was. And time-consuming: look at those couple of blurred babes who simply could not sit still enough for the time it took the shutter to close.

But my very favourite part of this photograph is the little head peeking out from inside the building that forms the backdrop. (You’ll probably need to click on the image and bring it up full-size in order to make him or her out.) We have no idea who this early 20th Century photobomber is — she or he is not mentioned in the accompanying document that names the members of the family pictured — but I’m very pleased to see that the solemnity of the occasion was maintained. There were no cheesy grins, crossed eyes or cheeky rabbit ears from this interloper!

I do wonder who it is, though. A disgraced black sheep determined to get in on the family portrait no matter what? A farm worker or unrelated visitor intent on seeing their image preserved for posterity? At this late date it will likely be impossible to ever find a name to match that half-concealed face. But, almost one hundred years later, she or he is still there. Still being noticed and pondered and smiled over well into the next century.

Job well done, young photobomber. Job well done!

8 thoughts on “Photobombs . . . 1915 Style!

  1. I made the mistake of zooming in and now I think I’ve been cursed by the three girls in white. Nicely played, Nahrungs.

    Also – Konrad’s beard!

    1. Love the beard as well. Noticed the middle girl of the three particularly. Also the baby girl in left of centre. Children of the (insert grain product here). Apologies to the Nahrungs for having fun at the expense of your ancestors :/

  2. Can’t believe you missed the most obvious answer – it’s a ghost! Da da DAAAAA!

    What a fabulous thing for Jason to have. You get such insights from things like this – on the one hand, people can look so different, yet on the other hand there was a photobomber so we’re pretty much all still the same.

    Love it.

  3. Great Great Grandfather Nahrung…run the pub at Curra pre1880…maybe someone still hangin out for a drink :)…have a similar photo in a family group photo of my GGGrandfather (also German…he ran the pub at Solferino)..maybe it’s a cultuaral thing of the day?? : )..would love to catch up with hubby’s Nahrung stories

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