The Deadliest Books of All . . .

Well, this is certainly a solution — albeit a drastic one — to writers block:

Death Stops the Manuscript

It’s a real cover of a real book,  a member of that nefarious sub-sub-genre of mystery/thrillers known as bibliomysteries. These are, quite simply, murder mysteries that concern themselves with the world of authors, manuscripts, libraries and books — rare and deadly books being a staple, of course.

For more hilarious covers, pop over and visit Darked  Roasted Blend, one of my favourite blogs for sampling the weird and the wonderful. But beware the horror and suspense that awaits you in the guise of the Dewey Death . . . mwoah ha ha ha ha!

Dewey Death

One thought on “The Deadliest Books of All . . .

  1. You’ll have probably been to Gould’s Book Arcade in Newtown, Sydney – a gigantic two-story warehouse full of mouldering bookshelves that seem to be perpetually falling on to you as you wander in between them. It’s run by a mouldering old Marxist, old beardy Bob Gould (who somehow manages to reconcile his Marxism with his capitalism, and the apparently miniscule (well that’s what I was told anyway) wages paid to staff.)

    When I was at Sydney Uni, just down the road from Gould’s Book Arcade I concocted this idea for a preposterous movie called ‘Death in Goulds’. The way I saw it it would have black wearing, dark-glassed anarchists pursuing shambling, bearded Trotskyites through the corridors of Goulds, up and down the stairs in order to settle ancient socialist vendettas. Climactic scenes would have involved characters being buried alive under gigantic mountains of books, a row of bookshelves collapsing in on a person, domino-like, and (in the final scene) the entire bookstore burning up in a fantastic conflagration.

    As you can see I was probably more focused on lurid and creative ways of killing off the characters than actually establishing their characters in the first place.

    I’m still not sure the idea of death-by-book has left me. It must be a potent symbol, because I’ve since had several other ideas involving people killed by reading, or similar. I feel rather vindicated after viewing those covers, maybe I should take it as a rebuke to my originality (or lack thereof.) I seem to recall in one of the Snicket books – The Louche Library, or whatever it was – has a rather original scene of attempted assassination involving books falling in a library.

    Which is to say, great link!

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