And the world grows ever smaller …

Last night, at a fantastically laid back New Year’s Eve Party, I met a couple who had first met each other at Continuum 3 a couple of years ago. (For those of who don’t know, C3 was a spec fic convention I chaired back in 2005.) He liked Neil Gaiman, she came along for Robin Hobb. And now they now have a baby.

I made a family! How cool is that?

Actually, this is the third couple I know of to come out of C3. Perhaps Continuum should forget about running conventions and start up a match-making agency.

Introverted, new-school Doctor Who fan with leanings toward Farscape and minor Firefly obsession (you can’t stop the signal!!!) seeks extroverted Lord of the Rings afficionado with Harry Potter fixation for cross-genre fun. Must have GSOH and own quidditch kit. Filkers need not apply.

Happy New Year everyone!