(im)Perfections Launch and a Ditmar!

Well, if it was going to happen, it was going to happen with this book. We picked up the copies of Perfections for the launch late on the Friday afternoon before Continuum -- the nick of time, thinks we -- only to find that the second-to-last page was blank. BLANK. That's right, my novel literally … Continue reading (im)Perfections Launch and a Ditmar!

CCSP Story Notes (Part 4): “The Home for Broken Dolls”

[This the final in a series of four posts concerning my soon to be published Twelve Planets collection, Caution: Contains Small Parts. No spoilers, I promise!] So, remember back when I submitted my three stories for Twelve Planets and promised Alisa that she'd have the fourth in due course? Yeah, about that. Having sold the … Continue reading CCSP Story Notes (Part 4): “The Home for Broken Dolls”