The Writer and the Critic: Episode 50

The latest episode of our podcast is now available for direct download and streaming from the website or via subscription from iTunes. Feedback is most welcome!

It’s the 50th Episode of The Writer and the Critic and to celebrate, your hosts Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond, have made a list of 50 of their favourite books. This is not a Best Books list or even an Important Books list … it’s simply a bunch of beloved books that have made an impact on them over their lives.

But first … some feedback. Bouncing off a most excellent email from one of their listeners, Kirstyn and Ian discuss the issue of systemic bias in the publishing industry, of which the last episode of this podcast inadvertently provided a problematic example, and the need for more diversity in all aspects of publishing, including the forms we preference. Novels are not the be all and end all, people, and it’s good to be reminded of this.

Discussion of the Writer and Critic Fab 50 begins at 19:20. No spoilers!

Next month Kirstyn and Ian will be chatting about the recently announced Aurealis Awards and discussing two of the winners:

Read ahead and join in the spoilerific fun!


2 thoughts on “The Writer and the Critic: Episode 50

  1. Did you guys publish the lists of your top 50s? I’m listening right now but I’ve failed to memorise the titles. 🙂 (So want to read about the clockwork dog…)

    1. We didn’t want to put it in the shownotes (spoilers!) but I get it up on the site as a separate page this week. In the meantime, that book is “No Flying in the House” by Betty Brock. 🙂

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