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Review of Australian FictionI have a surprise new publication today! Not a complete surprise, obviously, but not one I expected to happen quite this soon. The latest edition of Review of Australia Fiction (Volume 12, Issue 3) features two novellas — my own “By the Moon’s Good Grace” and “The Fate of All Wens” by Tessa Kum. Released fortnightly, the format of RAF is an unusual one in that an established Australian author is chosen by the editor to helm each issue and they, in turn, choose an emerging author to partner with. There are no genre or length considerations, which means there have been many a speculative fiction author grace its virtual pages over the years.

When I was asked to contribute, I knew immediately that I wanted a story from Tessa Kum and was thrilled when she was able to say yes. Tessa is a sharply intelligent, emotionally intense, and extraordinarily mindful writer who, for various reasons, has not published terribly much in recent years. I have never read a piece of hers that I didn’t love and “The Fate of All Wens” is no exception. (I still think about “Acception” from time to time. Still. That story slew me.) Put simply: her voice expands our genre; its absence would only diminish it. I am so very glad that she is speaking again.

For my own part, “By the Moon’s Grace” is the first of the pieces I am writing for my PhD and I’m delighted to see it released into the wild in my first year of candidacy. As some of you might know, I’m working with fairy tale narratives in my research and creative work and this novella takes “Little Red Riding Hood” for its jumping off point. There might be wolves.

Each issue of RAF is available to purchase individually or you can take out a subscription for an entire volume (6 issues). It’s well worth the read and if you haven’t come across it before then this issue is obviously the perfect place to start!


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