Perfections: what a nice way to end the year!

Perfections by Kirstyn McDermottAs the last day of 2012 rolls over and plays dead — or maybe is dead; I hope, I wish; I hate you 2012, don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out — Sean Wright of the prolific Adventures of a Bookonaut blog (and fledgling podcast) has posted an excellent review of my new novel, Perfections. It’s excellent not because it’s positive — but it is positive, so sparkles and ponies for everyone! — but because he is so very careful not to give anything away. And this is a book that could too easily be slayed by a careless spoiler.  Of all the lovely things the review has to say, my favourite line is this one:

The writing is smooth flowing prose that seems effortless but that I suspect was agonising to refine.

If only you knew, Sean. If only you knew. There’s actual blood on the manuscript — okay, that’s from a paper cut, but the symbolism speaks volumes. I think I might compose a handful of blog posts about the writing of Perfections in the new year. It was the most difficult piece of fiction I’ve ever worked on, for a variety of complex, stubborn and sometimes stupid reasons, and I still have, shall we say, an interesting relationship with this this particular novel. We’ll see. One of my resolutions for 2013 is not to beat myself up over all the blog posts that I want to write but never find time to finish.

Anyway. Seeing Perfections out in the world at last is a great way to finish off 2012 for me. I hope your 2013 is all you wish it to be, with some fabulous surprises lurking along the way.


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  1. I got ever so slightly spoiled for Jason’s Salvage, and I was screaming at Mr Mond while listening to the latest W&C not to say too much as I was half way through reading Perfections at that point.

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