SwanCon 2011

I’m off to SwanCon over at the Hyatt Hotel in Perth this Friday and it’s turned into quite a busy convention for me! Here’s all the official panels and other fun stuff I’ll be doing:

  • 2.00pm — Friday, 22nd April — Plaza 1
    SF Book Club: The Windup Girl

    Discussion panel with Robin Pen, Helen Merrick, Andrew Cameron, Kirstyn McDermott, David Cake
  • 3.00pm — Friday, 22nd April — Freshwater Bay
    MegaPodcast: Read/View or Die

    Live podacast with The Coode St, The Writer and the Critic, The Pangalactic Interwebs and Galactic Suburbia
  • 4.00pm — Friday, 22nd April — Plaza 1
    Darkness Beyond Borders

    Discussion panel with Kaaron Warren, Kirstyn McDermott, Ellen Datlow, Paul Haines.
  • 6.00pm — Friday, 22nd April —  Conservatory Bar
    Book Launch: Toast the Twelve Planets!
  • 10.30am — Saturday, 23nd April — Plaza 2
    Author Reading
  • 11.30am — Saturday, 23nd April — Freshwater Bay
    The Mid-List Crisis and the Cult of Celebrity Authors
    Discussion panel with Ellen Datlow, Justina Robson, Kirstyn McDermott
  • 10.30am — Sunday, 24th April — Plaza 3
    Casting Your Pod

    Discussion panel with Grant Watson, Kirstyn McDermott, Helen Merrick, Jonathan Strahan
  • 5.00pm — Sunday, 24th April — Freshwater Bay
    Book Launch: More Scary Kisses / Dead Red Heart

It looks like it’s going to be a fantastic convention. Now all I have to do is pack . . .