Anthologies to look out for: ‘Anywhere But Earth’ and ‘Hope’

Anywhere But Earth

Coeur de Lion is the Australian small press which published the highly acclaimed and much awarded X6, an ambitious “novellanthology” which contained two of my most favourite novellas ever: “Sea Hearts” by Margo Lanagan and “Wives” by Paul Haines. As you might expect from these two authors, neither piece is for the faint of heart, but then that’s precisely the kind of spec fic I prefer.

Next cab off the Coeur de Lion rank is Anywhere But Earth, edited by Keith Stevenson, an anthology of 27 original stories of humanity’s adventures out there . . . anywhere but Earth. With an impressive line up of some of Australia’s best spec fic writers alongside a whole bunch of new talent, this is a book you’ll want to put on your watchlist. (Oh, and look, my beloved just happens to have a story in there as well. ;-))

Anywhere But Earth is due for release late in 2011. Keep an eye on the Coeur de Lion website for further updates.


Also promising is Hope, an anthology of speculative fiction edited by Sashie Beattie, which aims to raise suicide awareness. The featured authors have donated their stories and all profits from sales of the book will be likewise donated to charities and research foundations working in the areas of youth suicide prevention.

It’s a sombre subject, but the title of the anthology aims to reflect its theme, with the submissions guidelines having specified that “no story should leave the reader feeling depressed or sad; there must always be hope for something better, a brighter future . . . even in the direst circumstances.” The list of contributors again includes some brilliant Australian writers, and I’m probably not alone in confessing a certain curiosity when it comes to the possibility of reading a Paul Haines story with an explicitly optimistic flavour!

Hope is due for release in spring 2011. Check the Kayelle Press website for updates.

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  1. I have stories in both of these, which I’m very proud of. But I’m with you – it was hard enough for me to write a story for Hope. I can’t wait to see what Haines comes up with!

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