Ditmar Awards Ballot

I need to travel more often. On Tuesday, I got off a plane in Newcastle to hear that my novel, Madigan Mine, had been nominated for an Aurealis Award. Yesterday, while I flew back to Melbourne, the Ditmar Awards finalists were announced and I was welcomed home by news of no less than three nominations!

There was much dancing of a joyful nature. 🙂

Madigan Mine has been nominated for Best Novel while “She Said” is on the ballot for for Best Short Story. And The Writer and the Critic — the podcast I produce with my dear friend Ian Mond (and the Pointy Stick) — also garnered a surprise berth in the Best Fan Publication in Any Medium category. It’s especially interesting to see this latter category dominated by podcasts — five out of the six finalists. Definitely a sign of changing times . . .

Along with the Aurealis Awards shortlist, the Ditmar ballot showcases the very impressive work being produced by the Australian speculative fiction community right now. It’s tremendously exciting to see so many talented people being acknowledged, even if such a strong ballot makes deciding who to vote for that much harder!

The winners of the Ditmar Awards will be announced at SwanCon 36, which doubles at the 50th Australian National SF Convention, over in Perth this Easter. If you’re a member of the convention, or were a member of the 2010 NatCon (DudCon 3), then you’re eligible to vote for this year’s Ditmars.

The full Ditmar ballot can be found here, along with voting information and instructions. If you’re eligible, please take a few minutes to look over the list and cast your vote — you have until Friday, 22nd April 2011.