Announcing Free Book Fridays!

In an effort to keep my ever-growing book collection under control, I am instituting a regular Free Book Friday on my official blog. At a random time each Friday — for random, read whenever I manage to get my arse into gear — I’ll announce the title of a book and give it away to the first person who sticks up their hand.

There will be various reasons why I’ll be giving these books away. Some might be duplicate copies. Some might be books I’ve read and enjoyed but can’t see myself needing to read again. Some might be books I’ve read and not so much enjoyed but which are nevertheless interesting books that other people might enjoy. And some might simply be books I’ve acquired along the way but which I’ve never actually read and which I can’t see myself getting around to reading any time soon.  So in fairness to the books — because I’m all about being fair to the books — I’m not going to give any specific reasons for sending a particular tome off into the wider world in search of a new and loving home.

Okay. So. There will be two rules:

1. If you want the book, please post a comment on my official blog. First in, best dressed. I know this blog is linked or crossposted to Facebook and Twitter and GoodReads and Livejournal, but for simplicity’s sake the giveaway will only apply to comments made directly on the site. (Sorry, but spending an afternoon cross-matching timestamps and calculating time zones to work out who got in first is not exactly my idea of fun times for all. :-))

2.  The books themselves are free but unfortunately, Australia Post services are not. 😦 So, if you’re in Australia, you’ll need to send me a self-addressed prepaid satchel so that I can then send your book to you. If you’re overseas, it will be a bit trickier but I’m sure we can work out a way for you to cover postage. Probably using PayPal. And, of course, if you actually know me and tend to run into me around Melbourne from time to time, I’ll be more than happy to hand your book over in person. (I’ll include the weight of each week’s book in the post so you know in advance what the postage will be likely to cost.)

And that’s it. Simple, right? You can subscribe to my blog over in the far left sidebar, or follow me on Twitter (@fearofemeralds) — those are probably the two quickest ways to get almost instant notification of a Free Book Friday post. Now for the hard part . . . which books can I actually bring myself to part with?

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