Aurealis #44 Review

Aurealis No.44

Mark Smith-Briggs has posted a lengthy review of Aurealis No.44 over at HorrorScope. The issue includes my story, “We All Fall Down”, of which Mark has some very nice things to say:

Fresh from the publication of her debut novel, Kirstyn McDermott shows she hasn’t lost touch with the shorter side of fiction with We All Fall Down – a creepy ghost story about a pair of car crash victims forced to spend the night in a strange house. McDermott puts an old troupe to good use, breathing life into a familiar story with vibrant characters and a well paced narrative. Readers may pick up on the ending well before it arrives, but such is the richness of Emma and Holly that it doesn’t really matter.

I love this story. It started life as a very, very different beast to what it eventually became and changed forms in my head many times before I finally knew enough to put fingers to keyboard. But the characters of Emma and Holly remained constant. I love them both and this made “We All Fall Down” a wrenching story to write … once I realised what the story was.

Aurealis is available at $14.95 an issue or as a four-issue subscription for $46. Issues are printed twice a year.

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