Sci-Fi & Squeam

Sci-Fi and Squeam

I keep forgetting to mention that I’ll be a guest on Sci-Fi & Squeam, a very cool show that airs on Melbourne radio station JOY 94.9 next Wednesday (13 October) at 9pm. Tune in to hear me chat about vampires and horror as well bang on about my novel, Madigan Mine, which contains none of the former but plenty of the latter!

You can also catch the show later via podcast. Sonja and Caz from Sci-Fi and Squeam both attended AussieCon4 and have recorded some tasty interviews with the likes of Kim Stanley Robinson, Rob Shearman and Garth Nix, all of which are available to download from the podcast page along with past episodes of the show.  Yet another regular to add to my must-listen list!