Because on the interwebs, everyone can hear you scream

Here’s my advice for today:

Should you decide to write a young adult fantasy novel set in modern day Turkey and you are not Turkish and/or do not live in Turkey and/or have not spent a considerable amount of time in Turkey taking careful note of your surroundings, then please make use of the wonders of the interwebs to do some basic fact-checking. You know, like the capital of the country. That sort of thing.

Because, should you decide not to do said research and instead go ahead and publish your book in its geographically and culturally error-riddled state, it is bound to get read and reviewed on said interwebs by someone who is Turkish and who is also quite happy to point out the problems your book has in this area. They will probably be a little miffed, especially if they have looked forward to reading your book specifically because it was set in Turkey. Consequently, their review will not be glowing.

Should this happen, please be professional and refrain from responding to said review in any way. This not only draws attention to it, but makes you look petulent and condescending. Especially when you insist on pointing out that you obviously know more about Turkey than someone who is actually Turkish . . . or even someone who isn’t Turkish but does have access to the interwebs.

However, should you decide that such a response to said review is absolutely necessary, then please write it under your own name. Do not, under any circumstances, reply to the reviewer (let alone carry on an entire conversation!) using a pseudonym and claiming to be your own editor. Especially when you have previously used said pseudonym to give glowing reviews to your own books. When you are found out — and you will be found out — you will look like a dick.

And the interwebs will resound with the sound of your fail.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Because on the interwebs, everyone can hear you scream

  1. After reading various elliptical descriptions of this, it turns out to be a guy whose work I have liked. Bugger.

  2. Shame on his publisher and actual, real, not sockpuppet editor for not doing rudimentary fact checking too. That’s woeful. Does he own the publishing house too?

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