Bookshelves and things with which to fill them


For those of us with more books than space to keep them, may I introduce you to Bookshelf Porn. A fabulous collection of images featuring bookshelves, libraries and piles and piles and piles of books. Some pretty amazing designs, many of which I’d love to one day have in my own home. Of course, my home would need to be a tardis, but hey, a girl can dream. Mmm, books. Mmm, bookshelves.

If you do happen to have more space than books in your life — how? do you do it? — then I have a couple of suggestions which might help to fill that void.

Power and Majesty is the first volume in the Creature Court trilogy by Tansy Rayner Roberts and it now has a pretty new trailer for you to watch. Magic and mystery and shape-changing creatures, oh my!  Power and Majesty is available right now from all good bookstores — and possibly a handful of evil ones — with volumes two and three due out in January 2011 and July 2011 respectively. See, you won’t even have long to wait to see how the whole story ends.

Australis Imaginarium

Or perhaps you would care to consider the latest offering from FableCroft Press, Australis Imaginarium, due out for AussieCon3 in September but available for pre-order now (there’s a tasty discount if you elect to pick it up in person at the convention). Edited by Tehani Wessely, with beautiful cover art by Shaun Tan and an impressive list of contributors that includes the likes of Deborah Biancotti, Margo Lanagan, Angela Slatter, Lucy Sussex and Sean Williams, this collection of Australian speculative fiction will most certainly be on my list of Books Which Must Be Bought.