I write like . . .

This bit of frippery has been doing the rounds of the interwebs today and I thought I’d buy in:

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

That’s what happened when I used my novella, “Painlessness” as the comparison text anyway. Which is all very flattering and ego-boosting and warm-fuzzy-making. With Madigan Mine, apparently I’m more like Kurt Vonnegut. Strangely, “We All Fall Down” (a short story which will be published in the next issue of Aurealis) comes up smelling like JK Rowling — with nary a death eater or house elf in sight!

Of course, according to this sample of Chuck Palahniuk’s work, he writes like Stephen King. But that’s okay, because Stephen King writes like Dan Brown. Disappointingly, it seems that Dan Brown just writes likes himself. But Mary Shelley is the new Vladimir Nabokov! Or was the old Vladimir Nabokov. Or whatever. Frankenstein meets Lolita — now that’s a mash-up I’d like to see. It’s got to be better than fricken Little Vampire Women.

Hmm, wonder who Louisa May Alcott writes like . . .