Literary Clutter (and more reviews)

I have a guest post up over at George Ivanoff’s Literary Clutter blog on Boomerang Books, talking about the writing and publishing of Madigan Mine:

Some time ago, when I was still in primary school, I decided that I was going to be a writer. Of course, being very young and largely uneducated, I had no idea what this career path entailed other than the notion that I would need to Write Books – very much like the many books which crammed the shelves of my mother’s bookcases, only with more ponies in them. Or monsters. Or possibly both. Certainly, I had no idea that the road leading to the publication of my first novel would prove to be such a long and winding and ultimately unexpected one . . . [read more]

Also, another couple of lovely reviews have been brought to my attention:

Scott Wilson, writing for Midnight EchoYou’ll be taken along for a roller coaster of a ride with the reckless and unstable main character that is complex and downright scary.

Stephanie Gunn, writing for HorrorScope: McDermott is also particularly skilled at characterization – every character, even the minor ones, seem to live and breathe on the page.

I’m particularly pleased that people are loving the characters so much. My writing is very, very much character-driven. They live inside my head for ages — years, if we’re talking novels — and it’s always hard to see them go off into the real world on their own. Nice to see they’re making some friends!

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    1. Nice to have seen you last night, Kirstyn, and glad you were pleased with the reveiw, though you don’t mention it in the above post. if you want me to let you know when it’s up on January Magazine, email me from your own e-dress, so I can let you know without having to do a comment on your blog. 🙂


    2. That’s a great trailer over on George’s blog. Fonts + interesting background music + animation + book = GOLD! I’m looking forward to reading your book very much.

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