Wherein the author makes a minor confession

I have a small, silly confession to make: blogging makes me anxious.

I’ll read or see something online and think, “That’s interesting or inspiring or infuriating — I really should write a post about that.” So I leave the tab open in my browser and think about what I want to say and try put aside the time to say it in, and then a few days or a few weeks pass, and the tab starts to look old sitting up there among all the other newer, shiner open tabs, and so I close it. Reluctantly. Anxiously. Feeling as thought I’ve let something slip (again) that I really should have noted at least in passing.

All of which has made me realise that I place way, way too much importance on blogging. I don’t have to write an essay each time I post. I don’t even have to write a complete paragraph. I can just say, “Hey, look at this!” In fact, sometimes that’s all that needs to be said.

Hence, my new half-year resolution. I will post more frequently, if more briefly, about things I find interesting and/or worthy of announcement. I will spend the next week closing my currently open tabs and blogging about any that are still relevant. In future, I will try not to feel that I need to make a song and dance about anything in order to blog it. Maybe this will reduce my blogging anxiety. Maybe not. But at least I won’t have a million damn tabs open across the top of my browser all the time!

One thought on “Wherein the author makes a minor confession

  1. I have this same problem, pretty much. Hence I’m doing a regular meme recently on my journal, just to get something down.

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