M is for MiniCon!

Just a quick note to say that on Saturday, 22 May 2010, I’ll be a Guest at the 5th Annual Science Fiction All-Club Mini-Convention, hosted by the Melbourne Science Fiction Club in West Brunswick. It’s billed as a “VampireFest” which should be a lot of fun.

MSFC MiniCon 2010
MSFC MiniCon 2010

Some of you might be scratching your heads about the “Award Winning Vampire Author” reference due to the fact that, although I have picked up a couple of shiny trophy-things here and there, I’ve never actually written a story about vampires. However, I choose to assume that it simply means my cover has been blown and I’ve finally been outed as an author who is a vampire. I always knew my tendency towards wearing black velvet and the occasional pointy fang would give me away one day … hiding in plain sight, indeed!

Anyway, if you’re in Melbourne, why not come along for the day? I’ll be talking about things both vampirish and not, and possibly reading a little from Madigan Mine.

I might even wear my fangs.