Scenes from the Second Storey

Somehow I forgot to officially note here that I will have a story in a forthcoming anthology from Morrigan Books, Scenes from the Second Storey. It was a strange piece to write. It's a concept anthology, based on the debut album from 1990's alterno-rock band The God Machine. Each writer was allocated a song from … Continue reading Scenes from the Second Storey


Literary vs Popular Fiction

It's an old argument, the territory worn almost smooth by the footprints of hundreds if not thousands of writers (and readers) who tread it with almost monotonous regularity. Literary vs Popular, Blockbuster vs Boutique, High End vs Low Brow -- however you choose to frame it, you'll always end up insulting one side or the … Continue reading Literary vs Popular Fiction


Macabre: A Journey Through Australia's Darkest Fears will be published by Brimstone Press in time for AussieCon4 which is being held in Melbourne in September. The anthology has a truly awesome line-up of contributors, going right back to classic tales from the likes of Henry Lawson, Mary Fortune and A. Bertram Chandler, as well as … Continue reading Macabre!