Once upon a midnight dreary

For any interested Melbournians, I’m speaking at the Nova Mob tonight about Edgar Allan Poe. I originally decided upon Edgar as a whim, and am now very glad I did. I thought I knew a little about his life and work, but how very wrong I was. Such an extraordinary person and so appallingly doomed. If there was ever a candidate for the McDermott Temporal Head-Slap Machine … you know, the thing that allows you to go back in time and give an historical personage a good wallop about the cranium just as they’re about to make a right and eternal dick of themselves … Edgar is that man. Mind you, he would have required several applications.

[Now, none of you writerly types go on steal that idea, you hear? Sod off, the Poe-Gets-Time-Slapped story is mine. Or will be, once I extricate myself from the Tawdry Matters of Commerce that distract me at present. Blurgh. My laptop gathers dust. And it’s not procrastination dust, either … I’m actually frelling busy with actual necessary-if-I-am-to-eat stuff!]

Have to go make some actual notes for tonight now … Edgar deserves a little more than my usual seat pants and the flying thereby.