Not so much breaking news . . .

. . . as a handful of notable events that have happened over the past month. Old news, most likely, but I still like to keep a record of such things here if only for my own edification. ∞ The 2010 Ditmar Awards for Australian SF were announced at the Australian National Science Fiction Convention, … Continue reading Not so much breaking news . . .

WorldCon – AussieCon4 – Schedule

Here's what I'll be doing at WorldCon in September. If you're going to be there, please drop by and say hello. Thursday 2 September - 3pm - Room 210 Why Australia is More Horrifying Than Anywhere Else The weather, the reptiles, what it took to get here today—the tallest tales and most salacious facts, for … Continue reading WorldCon – AussieCon4 – Schedule