Australian Shadows Award 2012 Finalists

So I go off to Melbourne for a weekend of D&D and podcasting and while I'm away the finalists for the Australian Shadows Award are announced. Most wonderfully, Perfections managed to land a berth in the Novel category -- up against Lee Battersby and some guy name Nahrung. Yep, me and Jason, together again on … Continue reading Australian Shadows Award 2012 Finalists

Aurealis Awards Finalists Announced

The Aurealis Awards finalists for 2012 were announced overnight and I'm so happy and honoured to discover that my second book, Perfections, is in the running for Best Horror Novel.* As are two works by my very own, very clever husband, Jason Nahrung -- Blood and Dust and Salvage. Rounding out the long form horror … Continue reading Aurealis Awards Finalists Announced

Perfections, or So It Appears I Have a New Book Out

This is what's called being late to your own party. And it's not the kind of fashionable tardiness where you saunter down a curving staircase all coiffed and primped and wearing a trailing ball gown while your friends and loved ones graciously applaud and start singing Happy Birthday. It's more the embarrassing oh-my-goodness-I-forgot-about-my-own-damn-party-where-the-hell-are-my-shoes sort of … Continue reading Perfections, or So It Appears I Have a New Book Out