Creativity, Talent and Discipline

I stumbled across a short clip from contemporary Irish artist, Guggi, the other day while off chasing links through the interwebs. He's talking specifically about painting, but broadly about creativity in general, and I found it very refreshing to hear someone speak so plainly about the process, rather than waffling on about muses and inspiration … Continue reading Creativity, Talent and Discipline


The Writer and the Critic: Episode 2

The second episode of our podcast is now available for direct download and streaming from the website or via subscription from iTunes. Feedback is most welcome! Here are the show notes: At the start of this episode of The Writer and the Critic, Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond spend a little time addressing some listener … Continue reading The Writer and the Critic: Episode 2

A final set of questions . . .

The final installment of the Book Lover's Club competition questions. Thanks to everyone for their interesting and though-provoking contributions! Firstly, from Diane Ayres: I would like to ask Kirstyn where she got her inspiration for this book, and whether she bases her characters and story lines on real people and real situations or they come … Continue reading A final set of questions . . .


Questions again . . .

Part three of the Book Lover's Club competition questions. Loony Lihn asked: Is she proud of her book? Because I bet people get this thrill when someone compliments something they've made/written. And also, are you glad you chose to follow this storyline or did you think one of your other ideas would have made a … Continue reading Questions again . . .


Cattiness over at Amazon

That might has well have been the headline for this Daily Mail article about the problems with anonymous reviews over at Amazon. Essentially, the story is: Alongside details of a book for sale, the [Amazon] website offers supposedly independent verdicts from customers, including a rating of from one to five stars. However, rival publishers are … Continue reading Cattiness over at Amazon