Madigan Mine Cover!

I've spent the last week proofing the final pages of Madigan Mine, with help from my wonderful Jason who picked up a couple significant errors as well as a handful of minor typos.¬† The corrected copy has been sent to my editor this morning, which means that my work here is pretty much done. Until … Continue reading Madigan Mine Cover!


Shirley Jackson Awards – Nominations

This year's nominations for the Shirley Jackson Awards have been announced and I'm delighted to see that Margo Lanagan has been included for her excellent novella, "Sea Hearts". The novella was published in X6, the same collection that harbours the dark, disturbing and utterly brilliant "Wives" by Paul Haines. If you haven't got a copy … Continue reading Shirley Jackson Awards – Nominations

Google Books

An excellent dissection and summary of the Google Book Settlement by Annalee Newitz at io9 lives here. Newitz discusses many of the pros and cons of the GBS and offers some insightful speculation about the future of publishing, selling and reading books. Definitely worth a look for anyone wanting a succinct guide to this¬† convoluted … Continue reading Google Books