They’re almost three weeks old now, and the last person whom I really wanted to let see them in the flesh rather than from a photograph has seen them, and most of the traumatised skin has flaked away, and they look quite photogenic. So, here they are. My new tattoos:

The quill is on my right upper arm:

Quill Tattoo

The raven is on my left arm, sort of curving around. I’ve included a detail of his head, because my tattoo guy did such an awesome job of capturing exactly the expression I wanted … if ravens can be said to have an expression:

   Raven Tattoo

Yes, they hurt, but only minimally. As a sensation, I’d consider it closer to irritation than pain … like someone scratching lightly at your arm for almost three hours. By the end, you just wish they’d hurry up and stop.

And I love them. Very, very much.