“She Said” now on Audio over at Pseudopod

I’m crazy-busy getting ready for Continuum and our triple podcast recordings this week — whoever thought that was a good idea? — but I had to pop in and let you all know that my short story, “She Said”, has been recorded by the the good people over at Pseudopod: the sound of horror and is now available for downloading and streaming. Or if you’re already a subscriber to Pseudopod, no doubt it will be queued up and waiting for you.

“She Said” is still one of my personal favourites and Christopher Reynaga did a brilliant job of bringing it dramatically to life for audio.  It was admittedy a little weird at first to hear the narrator’s voice with an American accent — the story is written in first person — when Josh has always been very much a Melbourne boy in my head! But it was truly fascinating to hear a different interpretation of my words, with different inflections and speech patterns. I’m very grateful to Pseudopod both for accepting the story and for producing it so professionally. If you get a chance to have a listen, I hope you enjoy it.

The story was originally published in Scenes from the Second Storey (ed. Amanda Pillar & Pete Kempshall, Morrigan Books, 2010), and subsequently won both a Ditmar Award and an Australian Shadows Award. It has been reprinted in The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror (ed. Talie Helene & Liz Gryzb, Ticonderoga Publications, 2011).




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